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Mauricio Pochettino holds talks with Thiago Silva over wife’s social media comments

Ben Chilwell

Mauricio Pochettino has revealed he spoke with veteran defender Thiago Silva over his wife’s comments on social media during the 4-2 defeat to Wolves.

Belle Silva, whose outspoken ways have seen her become something of a cult hero among fans during Thiago’s time at Stamford Bridge, took to social media with a cryptic post midway through the humiliating result.

“It’s time to change. If you wait any longer it will be too late,” she wrote in what has been interpreted as a call for Pochettino to be sacked.

Asked about the comment during Tuesday’s press conference, Pochettino admitted he had spoken to Silva over his wife’s post and insisted he retains an excellent relationship with the defender.

“He came today to talk with me,” Pochettino explained.

“I’m not going to talk in the way we were talking. I think the important thing is he came and wanted to talk with me. And of course, he knows me after more than ten years, who I am, we are a very strong coaching staff and the way we operate. Of course he came to talk and we talked and I think that was private. And that’s it. It’s a private thing to keep inside.

“You can ask [him about our relationship]. I think good. I think very good. Yes, I think it’s always been good. From the beginning, you can see my press conferences and interviews, in the way I am always talking about him.”

Ben Chilwell

Chilwell’s comments also led to criticism / James Gill – Danehouse/GettyImages

Pochettino also defended comments made by vice-captain Ben Chilwell after the game. Chilwell admitted Wolves “wanted it more” but Pochettino argued his words had been misinterpreted.

“If you listen, Chilly never said that,” claimed Pochettino. “He said we didn’t win, that it was 50-50 and they won. But that was my interpretation. The result we suffered against Wolverhampton happened but we are Chelsea and everything is bigger than normal.

“I was talking with Chilly and it was never the intention to show the team didn’t show desire. I think the effort was there, but for different reasons we didn’t perform. I am not going to complain about the attitude of the player, the attitude is good. For different reasons, we are not performing.

“It’s difficult to explain why here and for you to translate to the fans but they need to trust in us. The most important thing in football is to trust, and we need to feel the trust in us from the coaching staff, the players and then I think, more than us, the players because they need to perform on the pitch and we need to provide in 90…

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