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Thomas Tuchel has done all this without *his players* at Chelsea

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel throws his hands in the air

Chelsea have got some brilliant footballers, but they were all imposed upon Thomas Tuchel. Imagine what he could do with a sprinkling of ready-made stars suited to his style.


Every now and again – and this happens more at Chelsea than other clubs – with little regard for the wider picture, the fanbase will question the future of the current manager. This happened to Thomas Tuchel after the 4-2 defeat to Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Tuchel’s home record, relatively poor in comparison to his predecessors, was bandied around social media as the stick with which to beat a man who has taken Chelsea to six finals in 15 months, won the Champions League and led them admirably through one of the most turbulent spells in its history. These people, these fans, are seemingly desperate to find fault. They’re the Chelsea ‘I told you so’-and-sos, the doom-mongering soothsayers, spoilt by success, unwilling to accept time, money or any outside influence as reason for not winning everything all the time.


Points per home league game, Roman Abramovich era:

2.55 – Ancelotti
2.53 – Mourinho v1
2.32 – Conte
2.21 – Sarri
2.14 – Mourinho v2
2.11 – Ranieri
1.82 – Lampard
1.76 – Tuchel

— Chelsea Youth (@chelseayouth) April 21, 2022

It’s somewhat understandable given Chelsea’s saloon-door policy when it comes to managers. But the desperation to pre-empt Tuchel’s sacking, this desire to be able to point to a statistic – essentially meaningless as points are points, whether home or away – as an explanation for him being shown the door, to be able to say you saw it coming, is a baffling display of the sort of nauseating arrogance and lack of self-awareness that makes fans of other clubs sick to the back teeth.

Like the one person from a group of friends that’s gone to university, some Chelsea fans have forgotten where they came from, and thus don’t know how good they’ve got it with Tuchel.

Chelsea have made one permanent signing in the…

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