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SC Braga’s Portuguese Superstar Making Tradition Fashionable

Roger Fernandes SC Braga

Portugal’s golden generation is slowly growing together under Roberto Martinez. The likes of Antonio Silva and Goncalo Inacio in defence, Joao Neves in midfield or Trincao in attack, there is burgeoning quality throughout the pitch. There was a fear, however, that it was a once-in-a-generation crop. Not true. The next wave is already coming as it looks like SC Braga’s Roger Fernandes will be at the top of it.

When people talk about Portuguese wonderkids, Sporting Lisbon, Porto, and Benfica are the three clubs that come to mind. Roger Fernandes is set to break that trend and in a way that looks special.

So, who is Roger Fernandes and why is he generating so much excitement in Portuguese footballing circles when that crowd has already seen a golden generation grow together?

Who is Roger Fernandes?

Roger Fernandes is an 18-year-old attacker/forward who plays for SC Braga. His rise has been meteoric and that is also understating it. In just the 2023/24 season, he has played in SIX competitions. That is what happens when you start the season with the U18s, progress to the B team and by the time the season is finishing, you’re already starting to become a key member of the first team.

The most ridiculous thing about Fernandes is that he has taken every step up in level in his stride like he’s playing in the park with his friends. The swagger, the personality, and the sheer self-confidence in his skills translate to all levels which is why he has been so successful.

Then again, purely self-confidence and swagger never made anyone world-class. Just ask Nicklas Bendtner! The thing is, Roger Fernandes combines it with breathtaking skills and an end product which is not normal for a kid his age and professional experience.

So, what type of player is he?

Roger Fernandes playing style

Modern football has become increasingly intense, with a sharp focus on tactics, patterns, and specific player roles more than formations. Two positions/roles that have become almost extinct in the modern game are that of a classic No. 10, “the creator”, and the old-school winger.

This is the era of the inside forward who starts on the “wrong wing” and cuts inside to become a goal threat. In some teams, inside forwards are the main goal threats, with the striker’s role mainly to link play up and invite those wide forwards to cut inside and score, like Liverpool.

Roger Fernandes says no. As a left-footed player who plays on the left wing, Fernandes is a striker’s…

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