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Liverpool Players Overview v Bournemouth

Liverpool Players Overview v Bournemouth

Liverpool Players Overview v Bournemouth

Great 2nd half, great win, Liverpool are steamrolling along nicely. Liked that we pressed well and hunted in packs even in the 98th minute in their box and defence was solid for most parts.

Ref was poor, how we ended the game with more players carded, I don’t know, and PT really has a hatred for us, that’s certain – not even a review on potential ankle breaker, studs first, not even near the ball challenge. Maybe in a few weeks, Webb will come out saying it should have been a red card. Sorry, but maybe this worked in our favour as Bournemouth still tried to attack rather than just sit, though I think they wouldn’t have, given how they still kept going even when 3-0 down.

Allison – quite comfortable and saved what he needed though I did need to watch back to see if he closed down a 1v1 chance outside the box or he was being reckless in that moment, but i did like to think it’s the former because of my love for him.

Gomez – defended really well and offered good support in attack, good assist too. Really liked that he is back in form and injury free.

VVD – made Solanke look really ordinary, dealt with everything he needed too, looked comfortable actually.

Konate – what a tank, what great strength he has, good blocks and some nice long passes too. If he stays fit and continues playing this well, we might not concede many till the end of the season.

Bradley – what a talent we have in him. Perhaps he is the one who enables TAA to move into midfield (and we might need it too, given i can barely name a starting midfield now Jones is out too). Defensively sound, works hard, offers something in attack. What’s not to like about him? Thought his yellow was soft too given the many other tackles in the match.

Macallister – probably his best game as a no. 6 actually. Defensively aware, strong and not forced off the ball easily, generally a good game.

Elliot – good energy in the midfield and it became more apparent after he came off.

Jones – good pressing, moved the ball around nicely, hoping the injury isn’t serious as he was just establishing himself in the first 11.

Diaz – not his best game, but he still works hard, and with his quality, can always be a threat, not sure if it’s because he was playing in an unfamiliar RW.

Jota – good nice controls, good pressing actually and 2 clinical goals – how did he score the 2nd!? He will be crucial for our push with his goals contribution. Thought he was decent overall as well. Went down too easily though on one occasion, he…

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