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Will Erling Haaland be a decent signing when he’s adapted to Pep Guardiola?

Erling Haaland after scoring five v Leipzig

Erling Haaland scored five goals to make it 39 for the season, which is half-decent for somebody who has made Man City worse.

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Dear RB Leipzig fans…
Don’t worry too much about that 7-0 drubbing, Man Utd fans will tell you it’s probably the best thing that could have happened.
Rob Carey


Seven up and what’s to come for City
Well, and I stand to be corrected by my fellow Blues, but that’s the best I’ve seen a City team play all season.

Just lovely.

My predictions for the rest of the season, which may indeed see me burned at the stake mind, are as follows:

Burnley to knock us out of the FAC. (Vinnie knows Pep, the staff, and the players. He knows what’s coming and how to deal with it and Burnley are on fire. They’re going to be promoted and they’ll want to make a statement to the rest of the PL).

Arsenal to win the PL but with a really tight finish between them and City. Oh, and if it goes down to the last day, it just won’t have the same weight or potential heart-break as “93.20”. Nothing could.

City to reach the UCL final.

Anything above those three is an absolute bonus.

I’ll be happy with that anyway!
Mark (The number ‘7’ has been quite prominent recently, hasn’t it? GET IN!!!). MCFC


Haal to play for
Just a reminder that Erling Haaland is still in his “difficult first season” for City under Guardiola. But I for one still think he’ll do ok and prove to be a good signing next year when he’s adapted to playing for Pep.


Harry Kane for £100m is not THAT much
We need to stop thinking of £100 million transfers like it’s still 2009.

Andy Carroll’s 36 million transfer to Liverpool in 2011 would be worth 102 million in “today’s money” (according to’s transfer index).

We therefore should be thinking of it like this: In 2011, would you have been happy for your club to buy 29-year-old Harry Kane for 36 million? Considering it isn’t our money and considering the growth of clubs’ revenue “streams” since those days, I’d argue it’s worth it. Especially since that year we bought Phil Jones for 18 million.

Also, I can’t be arsed to find it now, but I read something before on the amount that transfer fees took up of a club’s yearly revenue. The takeaway was that Pogba for 90 million in 2016 took up less of the club’s budget than the 30 million for Ferdinand did in 2002, or Rooney in…

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