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Liverpool FC Needs a Massive Restructuring Next Season

Liverpool FC Needs a Massive Restructuring Next Season

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Gave myself a day to try and compartmentalise everything that happened yesterday. The Liverpool FC performance overall was so lacklustre that I am honestly staggered by it. In a match that required heart, desire and a plan, we seemed to come with nothing. We arrived simply because we had no choice, and played with the purpose of getting to the final whistle. Nothing else.

Next season needs a massive restructure, from coaching staff to player personnel. Jurgen Klopp will get one more season to right the ship he is currently sinking. However, in the event he can’t, I believe we need to start looking now for possible alternatives. I have no confidence that this malaise will not continue into next season, none at all.

In terms of playing staff next season, this is who I would keep, loan and sell:

Goalkeepers – Keep: Alisson, Pitagula, Davies.

Goalkeepers – Sell or out of contract: Kelleher, Adrian.

Right Back – Keep: (New Signing), Bradley

Right Back – Loan: Ramsay

Centre Back – Keep: (New Signing: Hopefully Kim Min-Jae), (New Signing), Konate, Gomez.

Centre Back – Sell: Van Dijk, Matip, Phillips, Rhys Williams.

Left Back – Keep: Robertson, Tsimikas.

Centre Midfield – Keep: (New Signing), (New Signing), Trent, Henderson, Bajcetic, Elliott.

Centre Midfield – Sell or out of contract: Ox, Keita, Milner, Thiago, Fabinho, Jones.

Centre Midfield – Loan: Morton (To a Prem club) .

Right Wing – Keep: (New Signing), Doak.

Right Wing – Sell: Salah.

Left Wing – Keep: Diaz, Nunez.

Left Wing – Loan: Carvalho.

Striker – Keep: Gakpo, (New Signing) .

Striker – Sell or out of contract: Jota, Firmino.

Yes, I know this won’t happen. Yes, I know I am selling some of our best players. However, we need to sell them now while they still hold decent value. Through reputation alone, they would command decent fees. Players like Van Dijk, Salah have been a major component for our success under Klopp, but they are not those players anymore. Sentimentality must be left to the wayside and decisive action taken.

Honestly, I would not mind if, next season, we finish 6th to 8th. As long as I can see that we are building towards the future. Creating a new team, a new system that will bear fruit. A team that plays with a purpose, with heart and desire.

The team we have currently is comprised of scattered remnants. On one hand with have old players whose legs are either gone or sidelined due to injury. On the other, teenagers who we are expecting to fill the…

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