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Erik ten Hag somehow to blame for Casemiro red as Quadruple dreams in tatters

Man Utd midfielder Casemiro looks dejected as he walks off the pitch

Erik ten Hag should have ‘dropped’ Casemiro like Paul Scholes advised (hmmm) and then maybe the title race would still be on.


Erik tense Hag
Manchester United drew with Southampton on Sunday – though they remain six points clear of fifth so it’s hardly a disaster – and Casemiro was sent off.

But according to the Mirror website, Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag brought it all on himself, the daft sod.

‘Erik ten Hag ignored Paul Scholes’ advice – and Man Utd will now pay the price’

It seems pertinent to point out that said advice was not sought and indeed not even proffered, but that’s seemingly not important in the search for Manchester United clicks, and specifically clicks from anybody who might want to pin some blame on the Manchester United manager.

‘Erik ten Hag ignored advice from former Manchester United star Paul Scholes to rest players for this weekend’s Premier League action.’

Did Scholes advise him to rest players for this weekend’s Premier League action? Did he balls. This is what he actually said:

“He likes players having rhythm, but with the schedule and the amount of games they’ve played, some of these players need a rest now.

“I thought Shaw looked like he needed a rest tonight, Casemiro looks like he needs a rest.

“They can give a few young players a taste of European football [next week] and hopefully that will stand them in good stead for the future.”

It sounds very much like Scholes was suggesting (‘advice’ is definitely too strong a word here) he rest players for the second leg against Real Betis. Which would make a hell of a lot more sense.

Oh and Mediawatch is very firmly in the camp of blaming Casemiro for Casemiro’s red card.


Drop the boys
What Paul Scholes said after the Betis win was not in the least bit controversial and yet on Monday morning it was still the most-read story on the Express football site. Why? Because of this bollocks:

‘Man Utd hero Paul Scholes wants Erik ten Hag to drop two stars after Real Betis win’

The word you were looking for there, guys, was ‘rest’.


Scholes! Scholes! Scholes!
In the absence of any other real talking points, the Reach trend boys are jumping two-footed into the Scholes/Casemiro confected nonsense, with this in the Manchester Evening News:

”’Paul Scholes was right’ – Manchester United fans react as Casemiro sent off vs Southampton’

Is that all Manchester United fans said after Casemiro was sent off? Was it…

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