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Orange County Soccer Club and Genefit Announce New Performance and Recovery Partnership

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June 6, 2024 – United Soccer League Championship (USL)
Orange County SC News Release

Orange County Soccer Club announced today an exciting new partnership with GENEFIT, GENEs First Integrated Technologies- powered by 3×4 Genetics- revolutionizing the way OCSC approaches their recovery and performance based statistics. The partnership gives our coaching, performance, medical, and nutritional staff a holistic view of real-time data and insights based on genetics that allows our players to maximize their performance and reduce the risk of injury.

OCSC’s players will benefit from GENEFIT’s patented modifier technology that integrates their genetic and training data to give gene-informed sports performance and recovery metrics, both for individual players and for the entire team. Each player’s genetics, training load and injury history will be measured by The GENEFIT software, allowing for better recovery strategies to prevent overuse injuries and subsequent injury burden.

“We take player development very seriously at OCSC, and pride ourselves on building up our talent to compete both locally and on the international pitch,” President of Soccer Operations and General Manager Peter Nugent said. “With GENEFIT we feel like we’ve found this missing link in our training program, with a better understanding of when to push harder and when to pull back in order to unlock untapped potential with our players. We know GENEFIT will only serve to make us a more competitive team.”

Prior to full first team integration, defender Dillon Powers and midfielders Brian Iloski and Kyle Scott were select team members chosen to adopt the GENEFIT technology’s genes-first approach. The initial insights into their genetics, combined with immediate intervention to their nutrition, recovery and training, they experienced tangible benefits. Now, the entire team will have the same opportunity to experience the same benefits by combining their genetic and performance data.

“Research shows that over 60% of athletic performance is based on genes, so tapping into personal genetics gives elite sports teams a competitive edge that can be the difference between winning and losing – not only games but also money,” says Chairman and CEO of 3×4 Genetics Tony Hsu said. “By reducing the likelihood of injury, GENEFIT can help teams like OCSC develop players to their full potential and keep talent off the bench and on the field.”

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