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Closing Distance: Community Ties FC Tulsa, L39ION of Los Angeles Together Ahead of Tulsa Tough

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June 6, 2024 – United Soccer League Championship (USL)
FC Tulsa News Release

TULSA – Despite a 1,400 mile commute, a sense of familiarity rained upon Justin Williams as he watched FC Tulsa’s training on Thursday.

Williams, a founder of the cycling group L39ION of Los Angeles, joined his teammates Wednesday as FC Tulsa welcomed the team to its weekday training. In preparation for the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough on Sunday, FC Tulsa exchanged jerseys with L39ION, learned about the team’s upbringing and swapped words of wisdom as both teams enter battle this weekend.

For Williams, FC Tulsa’s training shed light on the community he’s built back home, and the community fostered in the 918.

As a native of Los Angeles, California, Williams and his younger brother, Cory, have built L39ION of Los Angeles into one of the most recognizable teams in United States cycling. With roots stemming from their neighborhood on 39th Street, the siblings have helped push the sport onto the mainstream while providing an opportunity for inclusion and diversity in the sport. At age 13, Justin traded basketballs for bicycle helmets to travel across the world cycling as a teenager. His journey in the sport led him and Cory to Tulsa in 2014.

Ten years later, the Williams’ have returned annually, both climbing the ranks at the rigorous course while learning the city’s history along the way.

“I didn’t know anything about Black Wall Street or anything that happened within the town for most of the years that I’ve come here,” Justin said. “Then, at the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre, my brother and I went one and two on the first stage of the race. So that was an incredibly, incredibly special moment.”

Now, as the founders of L39ION of Los Angeles, the Williams continue to come back, both building upon his community and absorbing the culture and community FC Tulsa and the city at-large have forged.

Justin’s open-minded ways were no different during Wednesday’s training as he, too, is always looking to assemble a strong team.

“At training, we were watching the way that the FC Tulsa guys operate and the communication that they have with each other,” Justin said. “It’s inspiring and something that we definitely like to take note of, and something we want to be more like.

“It’s important to understand looking at a team that’s well run and really organized, communicating well, and understanding that they operate and function with the same mindset that we operate with.”

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