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Kraetzer Sparked Passion by Studying Turtles During Spring Break

Kraetzer Sparked Passion by Studying Turtles During Spring Break

Andrea Kraetzer is much more than just a soccer player for Arizona State. 

During the University’s spring break in March, Kraetzer had fun in her own way. Through a class she took as part of her biological sciences major, she had the opportunity to travel to La Paz, Mexico, on the Baja California Sur, to study different animals.

Kraetzer learned about the class from her classmates and enrolled. She took a chance on it and hasn’t looked back.

“I signed up for a class last fall: FIS 494: Sea Turtles, Sharks, and Fisheries of Baja California,” she said. “It’s a class where you meet once a week for all of spring. During spring break, you go to La Paz and get to experience what you’ve been learning about.”

On the trip, the group studied different animals, such as sea turtles, humpback whales, whale sharks, and more. They also shadowed professional researchers, picking their brains and seeing how they conducted their studies. After the week by the water, the class returned to Tempe and dissected everything they learned. 

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