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F365’s World Cup predictions foresee glory for Brazil and last-eight exit for England

Brazil star Neymar, Argentina forward Lionel Messi, and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo.

Spoiler alert: Brazil are winning the World Cup. Argentina are well-fancied too, but only one F365-er is backing England for glory. The silly sod…

The general consensus here is that Brazil will get that sixth star; Lionel Messi will take home the Golden Ball; Karim Benzema will fill his boots; and England will suffer a familiar fate….


Right, who will win the whole damned thing?

Sarah Winterburn: My son keeps asking me this question (without the ‘damned’, he’s eight) and I keep saying Brazil so sticking with that.

Matt Stead (filed at 1am on his wedding day): Brazil

Dave Tickner:  Argentina, because they haven’t lost a game in about 300 years and if this accursed tournament is going to achieve anything at all then ending the dreary run of European winners is going to be it.

Ian King: Brarzgentinal. If I have​ to pick one between the two I’ll go for Brazil, because the Messi narrative just all seems a bit too convenient and because Brazil’s range of attacking options is, frankly, frightening.

Ian Watson: England. Why not? Aside from a ropey defence and a conservative midfield and an attack playing beneath its potential…

Will Ford: Argentina.This will be the Lionel Messi World Cup.

Joe Williams: I keep going back and forth but I’ve eventually settled on Brazil.

John Nicholson: Qatar. There’s nothing money can’t buy in football.

Lewis Oldham: Brazil. They have some bloody good players. It’s also 20 years on from their win in 2002, it’s meant to be.

Jason Soutar: Argentina – it is time for Lionel Messi to become the undisputed GOAT.


Name the four semi-finalists too. Yes, that means actually working it out…

SW: Brazil, Argentina, France, Uruguay.

MS: Argentina v Brazil in a nice, quiet, low-key, respectful semi. Then Denmark v Croatia in an England major tournament semi-final narrative special.

DT: A hurriedly-completed knockout bracket simulation has come up with Argentina, Brazil, France and… Uruguay. I’m as surprised as anyone else by that, and if I’d just plucked four semi-finalists off the top of my head there definitely wouldn’t have been three South Americans in there. But instead I put literally 45 seconds of effort into it, and you simply can’t argue with the results of that kind of labour.

IK: Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Croatia (if I’ve worked it out right).

IW: England, Argentina, Brazil, Spain

WF: Argentina, Brazil, England, Spain.

JW: France v Uruguay; Argentina v Brazil

JN: As all other…

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